Profile Updated: May 2, 2010
Residing In: Grantsville, UT USA
Spouse/Partner: Duane Smith
Occupation: Lunch Lady
Children: Tiffani Smith Hunter
Collin Duane Smith
Clinton Loosli Smith
Yes! Attending Reunion

This Web site is great. It is fun to keep in touch and see how everyone lives have evolved.

School Story:

I had to have knee surgery my Sophomore year and was having a difficult time negotiating those big steps that were in each corner of the old bldg. I was hurrying to my next class one year and going down the stairs with my crutches when I accidently missed a step and sent my books flying and well as myself and I smacked Eric Orme in the head with my book and he ended up helping me up and saving the day. He probably doesn't even remember this. But a day I won't forget.

Who was your favorite East High Teacher? Why?

I like Mr.Boyce. He was a hoot. He dyed his hair because he had married a much younger women and when he sweat it hair would run.

What is the funnest thing you have done recently?

Have been recovering from open-heart and lung surgery since March 2010 and so my recovery has been my main focus lately. Can't think of anything funny recently.

If you could have a "do-over" for one year or event in your life, what would it be, and why"

I would go to more schooling. When I graduated I just got a job as a secretary and then got married and had my family. It has been a good life, buy I wish I would have gone on to be a nurse. I know, I should go do it, but my health problems haven't made that possible.

How have your priorities changed in the last 10 years?

My family and my religion have alway been my top priorities and they haven't changed. But being more patient and loving to all, and being grateful for the blessings I have and not looking back and how I would have changed things just aren't important anymore. Life is good.

Who would you most like to have lunch with?

My mom and dad that have both been gone too long.

Summarize the most important things you have learned since 1969.

Pouting doesn't work.
Life's too short to be mad.
Grandkids are to best.
Grateful for a good husband.

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