Profile Updated: November 27, 2018
Residing In: Cottonwood Heights, UT USA
Spouse/Partner: Donald K. Hyland, a Realtor
Occupation: College Professor in Nursing
Children/Grandchildren: Tracy Lynn Hyland Painter, age 47. Two children. One boy and one girl. Stay at home mom for now. Husband More…is an instructor at Utah State University.

Kerry Hyland, age 44. Wife, Tiffany, is a nurse at the PACU at the University of Utah Med. Center. He sells security software for businesses.

Grant Hyland, age 40. Three children, one girl and two boys. He is a Utah Highway Patrol Trooper and has been trooper of the month twice. His wife, Alli, is a dental hygienist.

Kristi Hyland Ernstsen, age 39. Three children, one girl and two boys Has a BS degree in Human development and Family Relations from the U of U. She graduated with honors. Has certifications as a phlebotomist, surgical tech, also has degree in cosmotology, which comes in handy. Is currently an Ultrasound Sonographer. Husband is a Utah Highway Patrol Trooper and is on the swat team.

Angela Hyland Dodge, age 37. Has a set of triplets: one girl and two boys. Also has one more little boy. Graduated with a BSN in Nursing from the University of Michigan. She is a stay at home mom who concentrates on keeping the triplets and her son alive! Husband also graduated from U of M as a Dentist. Both graduated with honors. Her husband, Keith, has a thriving dental practice in Orem.
Yes! Attending Reunion

I hold two Master's degrees in Nursing. One as a
Certified Nurse Midwife. I've delivered 875 babies,
including 3 of my own grandchildren. I'm also a
Nurse Practitioner in Women's Health. I've worked for
29 years as a nurse, mostly working for IHC. I'm
currently teaching for Western Governor's University in Nursing.

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Happiest of Birthdays Melinda!!!! It was wonderful to see you!!!

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Happiest of Birthdays Kathy!!! I hope you are happy and well!!! Have a great year!!!!

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Happiest of Birthdays Kristi!!!! I hope this finds you and your family well!! Have a great year!!!

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Happy Birthday Ann!!!! I hope you have a wonderful year!!!!

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Happiest of Birthdays Nancy!!!! I hope you had a fantastic day!!!

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Happy Belated Birthday Becky!! Hope this finds you and your family well!!!

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Happy Belated Birthday Susan!!!! I hope this finds you happy and well!!!! Have the best year ever!!!!

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Happy belated birthday Mark!!! Hope it was great!!!!

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Happy Birthday Kathy!!!! Hope this finds you and your family well!!!!

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Happy belated birthday Evy!!! What great service you have performed!!!!! I am also an RN. I am also a NP and am in education now!! I hope you had a fantastic birthdsy!!!!

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Happy Birthday Kathy!!!!! I hope you have a great birthday!!!! Beautiful family!!!!! Stay happy!!!!

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Happy Birthday Carolyn!!! Hope it was great and your family is well!!!!!

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Happy birthday Nancy!!!! I hope you had a wonderful day!!!!!

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Happy belated birthday!!!! Wow, I have 15 grandchildren and we think Christmas and birthdays are overwhelming!!!! Hope you had a great birthday!!!!

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Hppy Birthday Becky!! Hope all is well with you and your family!!!!!

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