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Residing In: Pasadena, CA USA
Spouse/Partner: Cam
Occupation: Fitness model (OK, I lie)
Children: Xean (1993), Lina (1996)
Yes! Attending Reunion

Several years in Europe, mainly Spain, until ready to come down to Earth and go to school @ Art Center College of Design, Cal State LA, Cal Lutheran, Point Loma Nazarene; Film, Educ, Linguistics, Educ Admin.
I have done some film work, taught in public schools and college.
Since retirement: travel and ?

What is the funnest thing you have done recently?

Over 10 years or so, I went to occasional mtgs in the offices of the school district hdqtrs. I often took my dachshund with me. There was never an issue with him. He was well-behaved and well-liked by others in the meetings.
In 2013, I was making my last and final visit there to surrender retirement documents. I was greeted at the offices by a new, improved and "more friendly" gauntlet of lanes, tables, ropes, police, administrative hack bwitches (intentional misspell) with a newly trained snotty gatekeeper who informed me that I wasn't going anywhere with that dog because "He isn't a service animal, is he?" It really wasn't a question or a tag question. It really was just a snippy statement.
I was somewhat stunned by her insolence. I pondered her comment deeply and sincerely for at least a nano second before I replied "Oh yes he is." She responded with a sneer "How is he a service animal?" I blinked my eyes rapidly as I tried to put into practice the God given mandate to be kind to others. I uncrossed my eyes and said "He keeps me from killing people."
I guess I should have been more in tune with the spirit of the times. It may not have been the wisest or wittiest repartee, but it was, in my opinion one of the best come backs that I had ever conjured. Miss Gatekeeper was not as entertained. She was quick and efficient in response to the threat I had posed. With the abundance of caution mandated by the new and improved training for school district employees she raised a finger or wiggled a toe to signal danger.
Within ten seconds I was surrounded and escorted out of the building by 3 or 4 police who had me restrained, searched and cuffed. They flagged me in their computer and informed me that if I were ever to return to the building, I would have to be there by appointment and I be escorted by a police officer. I AM retired and will never have to return to their offices again.

If you could have a "do-over" for one year or event in your life, what would it be, and why"

1976 when I quit work in Europe and came "home". I coulda, shoulda, wish I hadda stayed.

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