Residing In: SANDY, UT

Looking Back
(Eulogy for Terrance McCarthy by John Adamson)

Terry Mac
Looking back
Class Achilles:
Frame of steel
Betrayed by knees
Not heel
Football fable
None as able
Offense smashing
Coulam crashing
But for the dancer—gentle, dashing

Then river running
Liver stunning
Rockwall climbing
Campfire rhyming
All those years in spider labs
With things that sting or bite
To risk their wrath
That purposed poison
Some life someday be saved might

Plumber of the Mystery
Zero to heaven in four-point-three
A legacy now history
Go with God and go with love
Your reunion is above
Goodbye Mac--
We’ll remember
Looking back

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Posted: Dec 16, 2013 at 10:32 PM