In Memory

Karen Simpson

(Following message written by Karen's Husband, used with permission)

Hello all, I wanted to let you know that Karen passed this morning 
(11/26/16) at midnight (she always knew how to do it right).  She died 
peacefully and, while expected, is nothing I looked forward to reporting.


I know it's a bit unorthodox sending a group email but we all have one thing 
in commom, we love and will miss Karen, and, I'm not much of a telephone 
person (as many of you know).


Karen fought the good fight and more than doubled the intial expectation of 
her prognosis, but, in the end, she just couldn't fight any longer and I 
hated to see what was such a vibrant, loving person be reduced to a shell of 
her former self, so, I welcome her release.


One interesting note for those that are into the more existential thoughts, 
I really feel I saw little beads of light rising out of her face and head as 
the end approached.  It is something I believe in, that the energy that 
powers our physical bodies is ongoing (she promised to come back as a good 
dog, a promise I hope she keeps and I wait for.  She said "you'll know").
One request I have is that, while the sentiment is appreciated, you need not 
send flowers or cards but instead donate what would have been spent to 
Huntsman Cancer Institute, the Utah Food Bank and/or No More Homeless Pets 
(for those out of State, the local equivalent if desired).  This was Karen's 
wish and I concur.


Let's just hold the memories of Karen in our hearts forever and allow me to 
end by sharing something I told her just a couple of days ago.  When we 
connect with someone, a little bit of the ethereal energy in us is exchanged 
between us, so, a little bit of my energy is with hers and a bit of her 
energy is within me, forever.  That's the beauty of connecting, we're never 
truly alone as long as we were willing to give a bit of ourselves to those 
we care about.


Thank you all for being Karen's (and my) friends.

Dan Marrs and (somewhere "out there," Karen)