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06/01/21 03:17 PM #689    


Dan Brown

I found out that my great, great grandfather, Captain James Brown of the Mormon Battalion had Portuguese/African ancestry.  

06/02/21 06:53 PM #690    

Verdo Thomas

I just KNEW there was something I liked about you, Dan. 

10/05/21 04:24 PM #691    


Marv Curtis

Can you name the proud Class of '69 Alum in this painting with a Hole-In-One on Mountain Dell Canyon #2?

10/06/21 08:31 AM #692    

Sydney Richards (Tanner)

Jim McCulla? ❤️⛳️⛳️❤️

10/06/21 09:04 AM #693    

Sydney Richards (Tanner)

Ooops. Did I spell his name right? ❤️🍁🍁❤️

10/15/21 11:40 AM #694    


Marv Curtis

Nice work Sydney! Jim McCullough is correct. Nice to know it's not too late to be notable.

12/19/21 02:06 PM #695    


Dan Brown

12/20/21 03:24 AM #696    

Thomas E. Thulin

Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year too. I surely hope 2022 is better than the last two years!


12/20/21 03:36 AM #697    


Terry Spinks

Anyone wanting to move to Southern Utah and want a new home?

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12/20/21 08:24 AM #698    

Verdo Thomas

Have a Merry one Dan! 
The best to you & family . . . 



Nice homes, Terry! Happy Holidays to you as well, old friend!







01/25/22 03:25 PM #699    

Del Draper

01/25/22 03:40 PM #700    

Del Draper

Who can identify these leopards from Mrs. Bagnell's kindergarted class at Uinta Elementary?

Bottom Row, Left to right

Norm Maxfield, Sally Peterson?, Marv Curtis, Sheralyn Haymore with arms crossed, unknown proud girl with arms crossed, Helen Forsberg, ??, ??,

Second Row

Becky Carr, Possilby Harry Nelson on the right

Del Draper on the third row

Other than that I am lost, but it has been 65 years.

01/25/22 03:48 PM #701    

Del Draper


01/25/22 03:49 PM #702    

Del Draper

This must be a second kindergarten class at Uinta the same year. Clearly Bob Palmer on the front row, maybe Evan Maw on the back, but other than that I'm clueless.

01/26/22 09:20 AM #703    

Ed Barton

Thanks Del, I'm middle in second row of "other" kindergarten class.  Wish I could help with more names. Ed

01/26/22 09:21 AM #704    

Julie Allred

I'm on the other end of the first row. Julie Allred

01/26/22 03:00 PM #705    


Marv Curtis

Cathy Rytting behind Helen Forsburg and 2 to the right looks like John Strasser. 

01/27/22 11:22 AM #706    

Bob Palmer

OK, Guys, I am not sure, but I think Val Summerhays is at the begging of Row 3 (second Picture) And Bob Rust is at the end of the same row. 

01/28/22 10:01 AM #707    


Bob Rust

Terry McCarthy in white pants on right?

01/28/22 09:32 PM #708    


Bob Rust

These are interesting photos of early SLC.

01/29/22 02:19 PM #709    


Kate Whitney (Neilson)

Just finished looking at the old Salt lake area photos on Bob Rust's message forum - They brought back a lot of memories I have of Salt Lake City and East High.  By the way do any of you have old class photos of Sterwart Elementary school with Ms. Fletcher (Kindergarten) Mrs. Broomhead ( 1st grade) Ms. Lewis (2nd Grade) and Mrs. Miner (3rd Grade) I would sure like to copy them for my family and me.  I lost all my photos because of a hack 2 years back.  Thanks again Bro. Rust I enjoyed the photo's! 

04/18/22 12:41 PM #710    


Jim Olsen

I sincerely hope that everyone enjoyed a peaceful, contemplative Easter surrounded by loving family!!!

04/26/22 01:29 PM #711    


Dan Beck

Just got an email from easthighleopards and ended up spending a few minutes loligagging over the Memorium.  So many of our class are gone, just can't believe that all those kids I knew aren't with us any longer.

Going to miss so many with whom I spent enjoyable years of my youth.


God bless us,  God Bless us everyone.

06/22/22 01:03 PM #712    

Mary Anne Armstrong (Jensen)

So sad to read about Dave's passing, Such a great guy ! 
Love to Linda and his family❤️



06/23/22 08:54 AM #713    

Theodore E. (Ted, Teddy, Theo) Kanell

Dave Buchman. A true Friend since kindergarten. Dave I will miss you.

Ted Kanell

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