In Memory

Dalton Bryner

Dalton passed away in a car accident a few months after returning from and LDS mission in August 1973.

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08/04/09 09:35 PM #1    

Robert Peel

Dalton had so much enthusiasm. We had a great time in his VW bus. His brother had installed a Corvair motor that gave it way too much power. We were driving on 11th Ave one night, took a corner a little too fast and the bus rolled. Amazingly we did not get hurt but a bunch of gear flew out of the open doors of the van including an old mattress. One of the guys from school stopped to see the wreck and played like he was injured and while screaming in pain on the mattress. (Who was that guy?) I recall that Dalton was engaged to be married and was driving a VW bug from New Mexico to Utah to prepare for his wedding when the VW crashed. It is nice to see Dalton's photo again on this web site. Who knows what he could have accomplished. He is a friend that I have missed.

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