Profile Updated: July 3, 2009
Residing In: Bountiful, UT
Occupation: Lawyer
Children: Ashley, mother of three boys
George, practices law with me
Lindsey, mother of one boy
Henry, More…at U of U studying math
Maggie, at U of U studying graphic design
Kate, at the U of U, studying piano performance
Sam, entering sophomore at Bountiful High
Zeke, entering 5th grade (not a typo; that’s 32 more public school report cards)

Yes! Attending Reunion
Who was your favorite East High Teacher? Why?

Jack Christensen. The day before the term ended I visited the wood shop and with the eye of an untrained artisan I carved a human hand with the index finger pointing skyward. I turned it in as my term English project. He gave me an ‘A’ for the term. At that moment I knew that despite my 2.45 cumulative gpa, I would find a home in some college of humanities that was befuddled by the relativism that plagued postmodern thought.

What is the funnest thing you have done recently?

I skimmed through the ’69 year book, viewed the photos on the reunion webpage and now I have gained a deeper understanding of the ubiquity of entropy. I think Mr. Loveridge would be proud of me; I can finally answer a physics question without cheating. On a sad note, it appears that none of the people I went to school with will be attending the reunion. There must be an afterlife because this is a joke that deserves to be enjoyed more than once by a full audience.

If you could have a "do-over" for one year or event in your life, what would it be, and why"

After looking through the year book, I regret that I went to school with so many people that I never bothered to get to know. The class wasn’t that large; I wish I had been more mature and kinder. At the same time I don’t think it was entirely my fault. I think some of the blame must be shared by The Leopard Song, which was sung as if it were a dirge that combined a rambling and uninspired melody with lyrics that begged to be mumbled. “‘O’ is the Onward way we prosper. ‘D’ is defiance not defeated.” What does that mean? The ditty must have been written as someone’s term project in English. I remember the first time I heard it sung with cheerleaders kneeling, squatting and hunching to make a reverent ‘L’ in front of the student body. I knew right then that I could never really belong to this group.

How have your priorities changed in the last 10 years?

I was never good at setting priorities. Those that I did set seemed to change by the hour more than by the decade.

Summarize the most important things you have learned since 1969.

I continue to be amazed at just how little I have learned since 1969. I haven't accomplished a thing.

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