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John Bassett

John Ernest Bassett    
John Ernest Bassett Will Be Missed John Bassett, 57 years old, passed away of a heart attack at Salt Lake Regional Hospital on April 28, 2009. John was born in Salt Lake and raised by his mother and grandparents. Worked for Salt Lake Criminal Justice System for 25 years. John is survived by his mother, Helen Kutulas Bassett, daughter Zasha and her family of Atlanta, and aunts and cousins who took care of him the last few months of his life. John was cremated and there was a private family service.

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John Adamson

Bassett (my lab partner) and I took turns getting kicked out of Mr. Findlay's Biology class sophomore year, mainly for laughing at one another. To paraphrase Alison Krause, "he looked at the world with a smiling eye and laughed at the devil as the train went by".

We got our A's though because we did the work and Findlay often as not apologized for having to boot us because Bassett usually made him laugh harder than anybody else.

When he wasn't getting classmates in trouble with his wit, he was a quiet, shy even, very nice guy who I think invented now-ubiquitous wrist wrestle hand shake.

I wish to extend deepest sympathies to John's family and especially his daughter. Please know that your dad enjoyed his time in high school immensley and he brought laughter, joy and companionship to a good many of us who will always remember him very fondly.

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