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09/11/18 09:45 AM #282    


Gary T. Lomax

Hi Kate..This was an Arctic Circle cruise.  We prefer the smaller ships.  For an Alaskan cruise checkout Seabourn, Siver Seas, and Viking Ocean, cruise lines.  You will find all your answers on their website.  Good Luck and Happy Sailing!

09/11/18 11:26 AM #283    

Renee Lefevre (Hunter)

We are planning an Alaskan Inside Passage trip in July on a Viking small ship (@200). We love the small ships as well.  Your trip looks interesting. Love to see the northern lights!

09/11/18 05:44 PM #284    


Kate Whitney (Neilson)

Response to Dan: You 'is' a funny man - Thanks for making me laugh and your wonderful picture of your 'cattle poachin', prison incarcerated family members.  It's good to know where you come from.  In my husband's line he has cattle poachers also.  Must have been the thing back then.  Enjoyed your responce to Deb!


09/21/18 12:36 PM #285    

Marv Curtis

This is a letter forwarded to me by Annie Oakes from the Class of 1970. Please consider joining this effort.

Thanks, Marv

East High School Today

As an institution, East High is over a century old, and what it was created to do - educate students and prepare them for life - it still does. Today, however, there are new challenges for the East High community. Changing demographics in Salt Lake City and expanded school district boundaries mean that East’s student population is larger and significantly more diverse ethnically and economically than when we graduated in 1970. 

Of East’s 2,000 students, 2/3 live below the poverty line and at any time, as many as 80 students are homeless. Foundations for student success are having enough healthy food, adequate clothing and health care, hygiene and family support. Meeting these basic needs are challenges that many East High students face day-to-day. 

The East High administration, PTA and community are working to ensure that all East High students have the support they need to succeed in school and life. The East High School Student and Family Support program runs an on-campus food pantry, the Leopard Stash, where students and their families have free access to healthy food. The Leopard Boutique is East’s own clothing source where students and families find new and gently used clothing, shoes and jackets. The recently completed East Washrooms provide a safe place for homeless and vulnerable students to shower, wash clothing, and prepare for their school day. The program also supports students and families in times of crisis. 

Check the web site for a description:

There is much debate about how to respond to poverty and educational needs in our communities, and taxpayer support cannot be relied upon to meet these needs. The East High Student and Family Support program is dependent on donations – food, clothing, volunteering and cash. Contributing to the program will help students achieve success and is a direct and personal connection to the East High community. Successful students become successful citizens. 

I encourage all of you to contribute, as I have, to the East High Student and Family Support program. If you would like to make a donation, become a partner, or volunteer your time please contact Kris Barta at Donations can be made through the Salt Lake Education Foundation specifically for East High at When you contribute please designate “family support” and place the phrase “Class of 1970” in the comments box. Contributions to East Student and Family Support from the Class of 1970 will be tallied and reported on our class website. 

Thanks for your support, 

John Thomas, East High Class of 1970 

09/22/18 06:21 PM #286    

Nic Baker

Marv, Thank you so much for your post. I found the letter to be both heartbreaking and heartwarming--heartbreaking that so many of those who followed us at East are having such difficulties; and heartwarming that the school and community are taking so many actions to ease those difficulties, however much as possible. I just made the first of what I am sure will be many donations.

09/23/18 12:24 AM #287    

Jackie Grant (Hyland)

Thank you for posting this Marv!!!!! I hope there is a large response!!!!

09/23/18 10:04 AM #288    


Annie (Annette) Thornburg (Oakes)

Marc, thank you for validating and drawing attention to this. 

09/24/18 10:34 AM #289    


Bob Rust

A flash from the past.  What was the name of the team and how many players can you name? 

09/24/18 03:14 PM #290    


Holly Williams (Schelin)

I recognize 13 of these handsome young men, but have no idea what this team is - Sophomore football maybe.. I see Richard Bradley, Barry Hansen, Leaver, Eric Orme, Bobby Cannon, Rust, Mike ? (Next to Mark Milburn), Terry McCarthy, Jim Decker, Steve Lindgren, Dan Brown,Maver, Strasser, and a couple of others whose names I can’t bring up right now- what a fun pic to have!!!


09/25/18 10:43 AM #291    


Bob Rust

Not seeing Orme?  Which one is he?


09/25/18 11:28 AM #292    

Robert Cannon

Eric wasn't on the team. David Buchman and I went over the team and identified all but 3 of the players. The team was the Muni Juniors, if not mistaken. It was especially nice to see Ray Petersen. Ray moved to California after his father drowned. He played football and baseball at Stanford. He and Dana Llewelyn were the most gifted athletes I was ever around. 


09/25/18 11:57 AM #293    


Bob Rust

I recognize all, can name most, and am guessing at a few.  I am at the beach and don’t have my yearbook with me or I could fill in some of the blanks.  Surely there are errors, please correct and fill in the blanks.


1st (Bottom) Row

Richard Bradley, Ron Clifford, Barry Hanson, Terry McCarthy (deceased), Jim Decker (deceased), Bob Rust, Bill Mavor, xxx Moore


2nd Row

Bob Palmer, Dana Lewellen?, Doug Gill, Steve Lindgren, Dan Brown, ???? Farmer, ????


3rd Row

Mark Milburn, Mike Fielden, Scott Moffet (deceased), Gary? Buchner, Jim Horsley?, Jim Gonzales, Bob Cannon, Ray Peterson


4th Row

?????, Randy Rasmussen, Paul Hunsaker, John Strasser, Conrad Hunsaker, ???????, Jay Johnson.

09/25/18 12:38 PM #294    


Holly Williams (Schelin)

I could have sworn that was Eric on the back row 2nd from left... my bad.  Thanks for posting the pic- brought back some great memories , and sadness at so much loss, too young.

09/25/18 01:01 PM #295    

Robert Cannon

Row 1 is Chuck Moore

Row 2 is Dennis Smith not Dana

Row 3 is David Buchman between Scott and Jimmy

Row 4 the coach is Gay Johnson not Jay

I didn't know the one coach and 2 palyers

09/25/18 01:15 PM #296    


Bob Rust

Thanks Bob.  Does anyone know:

Left side of the top row;

Middle coach;

Two people on the right side of the 2nd row from the bottom?

09/25/18 08:31 PM #297    

Anne Hansen (Brasher)

What a great photo.  Thanks for posting.


09/26/18 12:11 PM #298    


Dan Brown

Eric Orme didn't play that year because he broke his wrist.  I believe the guy on the end of the second row was Ron or Mark Coleman.  He was the kickoff and field goal kicker. 

09/26/18 01:27 PM #299    

Michael Markham

Back then I thought the played with leather helmets

Mike Markham


09/26/18 01:29 PM #300    

Michael Markham

Is Brian Brown out there, haven't heard anything from him lately?

Mike Markham


09/26/18 04:52 PM #301    

Steve Lindgren

The Photo is a Little League picture, 8th or 9th grade. Take note of the coaches in right hand side of photo, clearly are not Coach Martin or Wade. Team practiced at Munciple Park and I have fond memories of that team.

Coaches were outstanding, we couldn't of had betters teachers. In part, they gave Coach Martin and Wade a gift.


Steve Lindgren

09/27/18 03:49 PM #302    

Ladene McInelly (Moffett)

Bob Rust,

I think that Scott Moffat would be surprised that he is listed as deceased on the football picture, on the third row.

It is actually Brian Moffett (deceased) on the third row. I would recognize that hair anywhere.

09/27/18 11:55 PM #303    


Brian Brown


Steve Lindgren was right: Coaches Iman Hale, FUDD, Ted Weight and Grant Martin inheirted a great team!

Eric Orem wasn't playing because of a wrist injury. I wasn't on this team because I weighed over 160!

Look for the other guys who are not playing: Gary Lomax and Fred Grobstein were also TOO BIG to play.

Coach Gay or Gaylen had Orem and I walking the sidelines with a clipboard recording the plays ie Fullback off right Guard, pass to the left end, etc.

They didn't kick Field Goals or point after TD so DAN BROWN actually got to carry the ball for a 1 POINTER!


Bob Rust thank you for posting this photo and identifying MOST in this ROGUES GALLERY. 

Brian "BROOM" B



10/01/18 09:59 AM #304    


Bob Rust

This one is tougher.

10/01/18 10:11 AM #305    


Bob Rust

Top Row (5th) - Mr. Leddy?

Fourth Row - Web Adams, Brian Moffet, Bob Cannon, Mark Stephens,

Middle Row - Bob Rust, Mike? Leddy,

2nd Row - Bob Palmer John Strasser, ??? Clark, Bill Mavor

Bottom Row - Doug Gill, Evan Maw, ??? Richardson

10/02/18 05:05 PM #306    

Bob Johnson

Top row: coach Chuck Cook, asst. coach Cliff Lloyd

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