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04/25/20 02:45 PM #609    


Gary T. Lomax

Hi All ....I wanted to let ya'all know that I got a Ransomware. I have a forensic computer guy and he came over and my computer is clean but we initially thought it was from Spectrum.  Former Time Warner. It ended up not being Spectrum it ended up being American Airlines.  American Airlines had a data breach yet they’re not publicly putting it out. You need to go into your advantage account if you have one and change your password and your security questions because according to AA both of those have been compromised. Tell your friends and family.

04/26/20 08:52 AM #610    

Dave Mortensen

Hi, Gary - chances are the password reset requirement was not the result of a breach but rather the company identifying and contacting customers who are using the same email credentials and passwords that they do on other sites (including business partners). Many on-line service providers also routinely scour through huge data leak databases for credentials that match those of their customers, and then force a password reset for those users just in case. I know it's a PITA but people have to stop using the same password on more than one site.

05/17/20 07:08 AM #611    


Brian Brown

I noticed that last week was the anniversary of the passing of Terrance TERRY McCarthy and I had this photo from the paper that Terry is in along with Pete Baldwin, Mark Millburn and Eric Orem are in because they were mentioning that all of these were former Offensive Players that Grant Martin was switching to DEE-FENSE. I still remember that day during Sophomore Football practice the Coach Iman Hale switched Norm Maxfield to QB because he threw a much better pass. Terry went on to be a heck if a Middle LINEBACKER for us!

05/18/20 07:14 AM #612    


Peggy Scott (Youngs)

Funny, I was just thinking of Terry this morning. He once told me that putting your left shoe on first was good luck. As I was slipping on my shoes this morning, left shoe first, I had a few minutes of reminiscing about Terry and his family. Coincidence? Anyway he was one of a kind!

05/18/20 08:38 PM #613    


Larry Grobstein

05/18/20 08:50 PM #614    


Larry Grobstein

Terry and I were close pals at East and long after.  His big brother, Tim, has been like a brother to me for many, many years. We will oft times sip a beer and share Terry stories. I have such fond memories of our crazy time together. The photo is from Lagoon (really, I couldn't have guessed) with my boys. It proudly hangs in my office....really, I have an office in my house.  Ok,ok, it is just an extra bedroom with a desk and a computer, but it's still my office.  Thank you Brian for helping to shed a tear and smile remembering m

05/26/20 10:42 AM #615    


Don Malouf

I'm having a little trouble remembering the lyrics to the Leopard Song:  What is "A" for?


05/27/20 08:57 AM #616    


Mark Mecham

"A" is ambition that spreads o'er us. 😊

05/28/20 09:24 AM #617    


Don Malouf

Thanks Mark!  Now trying to remember that won't keep me awake at night.

05/29/20 01:18 PM #618    


Mark Mecham

Glad to help. Can't remember much else.

06/02/20 08:13 PM #619    


Bob Rust

The class of ‘71 posted the obituaries of East High faculty members.  It is at the bottom of this page.


06/02/20 08:53 PM #620    


Bob Rust

Marv Curtis has been graciously sponsoring this website for many years at $175/year.  I am sure he would appreciate any contributions.  Marv, thank you so much for your generosity and work on this.  We all enjoy it.

06/06/20 10:06 AM #621    


Larry Grobstein

Marv...I (we) need your Venmo address. It's only fair that we all contribute to our site. Thanks for keeping it going all these years.


06/06/20 11:20 AM #622    


Bob Rust

Just to be clear.  Donating for this site came strictly from me.  I have been enjoying it for years, so I wrote Marv and asked how much per year it was and if I could donate. Personal message me with your email address and I will send Marvs address to you.  Thanks 


06/07/20 10:42 PM #623    


Marv Curtis

Thanks for the boost, Bob. For those wishing to donate, scroll down to the bottom of the Home Page to the Website Donation Box.

07/04/20 10:45 AM #624    


Dan Brown


07/05/20 11:01 PM #625    


Kate Whitney (Neilson)

Grateful for this day we celebrate our INDEPENDENCE from tyranny!  Hope all is well with every one.  We are a very blessed people to be Americans!

                     with liberty and justice for ALL!

07/06/20 04:38 AM #626    


Vernon Fragnito

Great post! Remember everyone, with freedom comes responsibility. We must stand up to evil, question the media and especially your representatives in government and force them to answer why they vote and say things their constituents may not agree with. This is your last chance -- do it for your children and grandchildren!

07/08/20 01:58 PM #627    


Kate Whitney (Neilson)

Signing in to share something to think about: 

07/08/20 04:32 PM #628    

Pam Wootton

Hi everyone!! PLEASE READ THIS ARTICLE!! This article Is about how the Jacob Lake Inn, owned by Melinda Snow Rich and Steve Rich, SURVIVED a gigantic fire in the North Rim Of the Grand Cyn. This Inn is almost 100 yrs old. The pictures are unbelievable!! So glad everyone is ok!!

07/10/20 10:30 AM #629    


Bob Rust

I would like help naming the teachers as we moved through K-6 at Uinta.  I can think of Mr. Rigby, 6th grade, but not what subject he taught.  Ms Gusdavidson, 5th or 6th grade social studies.  Ms. Riburg was the principle.  Ms Johnson 3rd & 4th grade Spanish.  Ms Watson, 4th grade math?  Mr Baker, 5th grade? Please correct my errors, and add whoever you can.  Thanks 

07/11/20 11:26 AM #630    


Denise Andersen (Clifford)

Bob--I remember Miss McGlaughlin as our principal.  (Remember the song---On top of Uintah all covered with tar, dear old Miss McGlaughlin took one step too far.......?)

I remember Mrs Gustaveson's favorite exclamation was, "Oh, my slips and garters!"

Mrs Okasaki was my beloved 2nd grade teacher who taught us the hula, Lovely Hula Hands, and I remember Mrs Graham?  Maybe first grade?

Thanks for nudging the trip down memory lane.


07/11/20 06:33 PM #631    


Kate Whitney (Neilson)

I'll take your post to a different elementary school and middle school 'Stewart Elementary' Kindergarten: Mrs. Fletcher; 1 grade: Mrs. Broomhead; 2nd grade: (not sure on this one) Mrs. Lewis; 3rd. grade Mrs. Minor (big on P.E.)                                                                                   

My parents pulled my sister and I out of Stewart and I started 4th grade @ Wastach Elementary. Can't remember any teachers names except for 'Ms. Streeter' and practicing 'drop and hunker' under our desks because of the Cold War nuclear threats (like that was going to help us!)                                                                                                                                  Then Bryant Junior High  East High - There is one one teacher I particulary remember becaues he was soooo unprofesional and mean - Junior Iring (not sure on the spelling!)  Very poor biology teacher! He was a very unkind educator and made sure he picked on students who were not popular and kind of shy.  Nasty little man!  Oh I remember Ms. Eastman -good english teacher  - -she would not take any 'guff' from students.  I LIKED HER! 

07/11/20 11:20 PM #632    


Annie (Annette) Thornburg (Oakes)

Bob, Denise, and other Uintah alumni - i can't remember the kindergarten teacher except that I upset her by gluing something to the blackboard and making Boris, the new student from Russia, angry when I asked why he drew a picture entirely with red crayon ... Miss B-something. I was in first grade for six weeks with Mrs. Sullivan and then was put in Mrs. Chico Okasaki's 2nd grade class - I had to go in 45 minutes early every morning for a few weeks to catch up in math. She went on to be a major figure in Utah education. I remember Mrs. Bagnall who was scary as hell and "talked weird" - my dad later told me she had an English accent. We had Mrs. Johnson when they started teaching Spanish and another teacher started French - we were some of the earliest kids to take foreign language that young - it might have been 5th grade. Mrs. Wisan taught 4th grade math, or rather tortured us in math - I have spoken to many kids who became math-phobic as a result of her embarrassing teaching methods. Didn't we start changing classrooms in whatever year we were on the top floor? We went to Mrs.? (lady with long black hair) when we learned about the Puritans and how they put bad people in the stocks - I remember she took Harry Nelson out in the hall for some alleged corporal punishment, but I doubt she actually did so. Yes, Mrs. Gustafson taught art and social studies - one time she wrote "Viet Nam" on the board and Kay McBride told her she had spelled "Name" wrong. I loved the mosaics we did in that class ... probably why I am a quilter now! Mr. Rigby taught math, right? And a unit in conservation? So that would have been science, too. Seems like we had Mrs. Johnson multiple years. Remember Mrs. Mulhall, the librarian? (Shhh! But she was very helpful at suggesting books.)  I remember reading a book titled Stephanie in our 6th grade year and swore that if I ever had a daughter, I would name her after that book (and Stephanie Oakes is now an award-winning young adult author!). Who was the blonde-with-red-lipstick teacher who got married during that year (6th grade, so 1962-63? Mrs. Jones?) - I remember she dropped scissors on her foot and was afraid she would have to limp down the aisle. We were on the main floor that year ... wasn't there another art teacher across the hall from Mr. Rigby's room? Yes, Denise, I remember Mrs. McLaughlin as very kind and intense when we had the conversation about me going into 2nd grade ... like it was a good thing I couldn't refuse. I wish I could remember more of their names because I have so many good memories of Uintah. Anyone else?

07/11/20 11:44 PM #633    


Marv Curtis

Thanks for the memory jog, Bob. Here are some of the teachers I remember. 

Kindergarten: Miss Bagnell. Total sweetheart. Kept getting in trouble because John Strasser always brought toys to class for us to play with. Made applesauce with us, seemed like magic.

First Grade: Mrs. Sulliven. Loved her. Taught me to read. She reminds me of Mrs. Doubtfire.

Second Grade: Mrs. Okazaki. Some kids were pulled out of her class by their parents because she was Japanese, post-war bias. A total class act. Have crossed paths occasionally, still a total class act.

Third Grade: Mrs. Muriel Johnson. Started teaching us Spanish which continued through 6th grade. Very creative woman.

Fourth Grade: Mrs. Wisan. Sarcastic and mean. Destroyed my brother a few years later. Completely lost my memory out of fear whenever I had to do math on the blackboard in her class. I think she thought she was funny.

Fifth Grade: Mr. Baker. Had lived with Native Americans and each year came in full regalia with a live snake and did 'the snake dance.' Also hosted the talent show where I muddled through "Over The Waves" on the accordian right before Sally Peterson (Brinton) played Rachmaninoff, saving me from a dismal career as an Italian Wedding Singer.

Also Fifth Grade: Mrs. Gustafson for Social Studies and art having coached Draper through an oil painting of a credible surfer in the curl. Mrs. Johnson for more Spanish and the chance to do "The Mexican Hat Dance" with Denise Anderson (Clifford) on live KUED TV in black and white.

Sixth Grade: Mr. Rigby. For some reason I remember the maple floors in his classroom and him reading us Where The Red Fern Grows (I think that was the book.)

Somewhere in there is the teacher Annie mentioned who dropped the scissors on her foot. I had the misfortune of being in the company of Steve Harker and Del Draper on the occasion of the 3 of us finding it funny enough to laugh about. Big mistake.

Miss Ryberg was principal the first year (my wife's great aunt) and Mrs. McLaughlin (who took one step too far) thereafter.

Miss Mulhall generously led me through all of Jack London while letting me see the war photo books after Strasser was through with them.

I also remember being sent to the principals office and finding Strasser there with a very impressive lead pencil puncture wound thanks to Harry Nelson. 

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