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04/04/17 10:12 PM #121    

Holly Williams (Schelin)

Paul....something is making me want to offer to carry your bags in Italy!!?  😜What a fabulous life!

04/04/17 10:23 PM #122    


Paul Sorensen

Oh Holly, forget carrying the bags....just come on over for a visit! We'll take very good care of you!!! Would love to have classmates come and visit....

04/05/17 07:00 AM #123    

Bob Rust

Paul, where in Italy do you live?



04/05/17 10:39 AM #124    

Suzanne Gibbons (Burton)

Paul - You may have to host the 50 year there in Italy since we all want to come and visit!!!

04/05/17 11:30 AM #125    


Paul Sorensen

Bob, We have a house in the hills overlooking Florence, and an apartment in Vienna.....keeps us busy!

04/05/17 11:53 AM #126    


Willy Revada Allen

Religion Wow

Come on Yall lets Rock in Roll

What Ever Happen to the Beach Boys?





04/05/17 01:07 PM #127    

Chris Proctor

This response is for Paul Sorenson (and maybe for Bob Rust too, who loves Florence)- Paul, I'll be in Florence, (actually, just outside, in the hills) performing on the 12-string guitar with a French co-conspirator of mine, Michel Gentils, in April of next year, Saturday, April 7 to be precise. The show is sponsored by a Florentine guitar society called "Six Bars Jail," so named because the local guitar aficionados imagine that the 6-string guitar has a little bird inside of it who looks outside through the 6 strings (bars) and sings its heart out. Those romantic Italians... Anyway, it will be my third time there, but our first together in the all-12-string format that we've developed of late. I speak good Italian, and have traveled all over the country, and would love to get together and catch up if you'll be there in April of next year.

I also speak bad German, and have performed quite a bit in Austria, though more to the west of Vienna, and of course a lot in Germany, where I'll return 2 years from now for another tour, maybe my last... Let me know if you'll be in either place, and I hope you'd be interested in a dinner or lunch or whatever in one of those beautiful places.

Chris Proctor

04/06/17 09:05 AM #128    

Sydney Richards (Tanner)

Chris Proctor:  I just "sampled" your album "The Chris Proctor Collection".  It's gorgeous!!!!  I would love to buy a CD to play on my CD player.  Is that possible? All I could find are MP3 formats.  


Sydney Tanner (an East High classmate for just our senior year).

04/06/17 10:00 AM #129    

Ron Poulton


You can get Chris's cds at


04/06/17 10:29 AM #130    


Gary T. Lomax


My wife Cheryl and I will be in Florence and Orvieto area from about May 20- 27th.  Then Vienna May 28th - June 2nd when we board the Crystal Mozart.  Let us know if you are around.  Would be great to reminisce and catch up.  My direct email is


GTL and his GTO

This seems like a much more productive way to use our website and the Meassage Forum.

04/06/17 10:42 AM #131    

Anne Hansen (Brasher)

I'm looking forward to a 50 reunion.  We had a good time at Larry's.  The park party was the most fun, lots of time to visit.  Larry and I are taking 2 granddaughters to Italy and Switzerland on their Senior Trip in June!  We love Italy. Jessica also chose Italy, about 6 years ago.  Life is good.  I'm the farmer, Larry is the rancher.  And we have kids close and faraway:  Some Bassetts in Sao Paulo, Amy and Julia in Atlanta, Matt and Peter and their families in Boise.  The others; John, Tom and Ben and their families live really close here in Northern California. Sam and Brandon are full time missionaries in Spain, Madrid--1st cousins--same mission.  Go figure.  My dad is still with us, 91.  He lives in his own home down next to the pool house.  Our health is good for a couple of old folks.  Garden, orchard, chickens, cattle, goats, llamas, some visiting alpachas (about 30) for a week or two.  And lots of grandkids.   There is never a shortage of adventure or chores to get to.  Life is good.

04/07/17 09:25 AM #132    

Sydney Richards (Tanner)

Thank you Ron Poulton!!!  I just ordered the Chris Proctor Collection and am thrilled.  You are the best!!!       Thanks, Sydney




04/07/17 02:03 PM #133    


Dave Seiler

Thanks for all of the recent comments.  It's fun to see so many of the "old" friends communicating again.

I appreciate the lead on Chris Proctor's music...I have never heard of CD Baby, but I now have my copy on the way.  May everyone have a great Spring and Summer ahead!

04/08/17 11:35 AM #134    


John VAN Wagoner (John Van Wagoner)

Good Idea on discussing where, how and what we are doing.  I'm retired and doing a few Music and morning show radio gigs each month.  I'm happily married and live in St, George.  My wife and I practice yoga and meditation, and we both love the outdoors.  We spend our summers in Montana.  My music as a singer/songwriter in the local area is something I love to do.  I have 3 kids and 3 grandchildren, a dog and life is goodyes.




04/08/17 12:18 PM #135    


Dan Brown

Kate, I gave up arguing about religion for Lent.


04/08/17 03:04 PM #136    


Cathy Wheelwright (Ockey)

I've quite enjoyed reading this thread the past while. I have always been an observer, not prone to enter the conversation, but you've all brightened my days with your chatter, and I thank you for that. I like hearing where people are and what they've done with their lives. My own life is not at all what I expected it to be at this point. I am married to a sweetheart of a man who has stuck with me through thick and thin. It's been a wild and crazy ride that has landed us in Helena, Montana, where I love the summers passionately, but detest the winters. Lucky for me, my youngest daughter lives in Southern California, so I have a place to which to escape in January and February. I have battled numerous health problems all of my adult life, but I have come to some peace with the pain, which comes and goes, but which I try to ignore with the distractions of reading, writing, music, and the great outdoors. I love the technology that allows me to maintain friendships with people all over the world, and I love my little Subaru that allows me to comfortably travel the backroads of North America. I could brag about my children and grandchildren, but then I would really bore you all. They are many and varied and they seem to love me almost as much as I love them, so it's all good. It took me many years, but the free spirit I saw glimmers of in my teen years has finally burst its bounds, and I am amazed at how good that feels. 

Keep posting. I want to hear it all.


04/09/17 10:00 AM #137    

Bob Rust

You folks in the Salt Lake area are fortunate to have Chris Proctor availabile for house concerts.  Chris' wonderful music has graced our home in Tennessee a couple times in the last few years.  Although most of the audience has seen him twice, we are continually asked if we can bring him back.  He won the US National Fingerstyle Guitar Champion and is a fabulous performer.


04/09/17 09:14 PM #138    


Dan Brown

What I want to know is the secret stuff about East High.  I heard there was a swimming pool, tunnels and walled off rooms.  Is there any truth to these rumors?

04/10/17 10:28 AM #139    

Marv Curtis


04/11/17 09:42 AM #140    

Anne Hansen (Brasher)

I remember at one of the reunions going into one of the stairwells to get old memorabilia for a display.  Those stairwells represented the school I remembered.  Memory Lane.  I also loved the stained glass window, so beautifully represented in our 67 yearbook.  I also heard rumors of a bowling alley.  Ha


04/11/17 09:43 AM #141    

Anne Hansen (Brasher)

Thanks Marv for posting that link.

04/13/17 12:24 PM #142    

Mark Mecham

This is a first. Like the progressive dinners of the late 60s through the early 80s, I think the 50th class reunion in 2019 should start in Italy, stop in Cuenca, Ecuador--and as long as we're wishing--end up at Manganui, a glorious beach on the east coast (the white-sand beach side; several of the beaches on the west coast have black sand) of the New Zealand's North Island. Pat and I spent Spring 2004 leading a semester-abroad program for Lebanon Valley College to the University of Waikato in Hamilton, NZ. FYI, my favorite, laugh-out-loud headline last week came out the the April 9, 2017 Deseret News: "Reports of sex assault rise at BYU, but officials say that's good news." Only in Utah! --Mark Mecham, retired (but not loving retirement yet) in Pennsylvania




04/13/17 12:54 PM #143    


Dan Brown

Now that the tunnels rumor has been explained let's move on to other pressing topics.  There was an intersting guy named Bob Aschbacher (sp) that was in our class. Anyone know where he landed?

04/24/17 09:16 AM #144    

Bob Rust

Chris Proctor's music was playing over some whole house speakers.  I enquired as to which album it was.  She did not know because it was playing over the Chris Proctor Pandora station.  I asked her if she created it.  She said no, she just liked his music so she checked to see if he had a station.  Sure enough, he does.  It is available free through the Pandora app.  Pretty cool Chris!

04/25/17 08:58 AM #145    

Sydney Richards (Tanner)

Wow, this is great news!  I'm loving my Chris Proctor CD, and will enjoy him all the more on Pandora.  Thanks!!           ❤️🎶🎶❤️


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