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07/29/17 09:19 AM #157    


Peggy Scott (Youngs)

No, I missed Jimmy, but got to see Santana and the warm-up act by a fairly new band called Crosby Stills and Nash (no Young yet).

07/29/17 09:41 AM #158    


Dave Seiler

I was at that concert as well.  Do you remember that they started playing acoustic songs to start and a bunch of people got up and left.  They played a few songs and then opened the curtains, brought out their amps and rocked on for the rest of the night...great concert!

07/29/17 11:39 AM #159    

Pam Wootton

It's strange... I guess I look older but I don't feel older, I mostly don't act my age. However, last week I found out how really old I am....   I was told that one of my 23-ish yr old co-workers had NO IDEA who the Beach Boys and Beatles were!!!! She had never even heard of them! The doctor she works with had vaguely heard of The Doors!!! Heaven help us if I had asked about Peter Paul & Mary, Kingston Trio etc. Asking about Chuck Berry, & Chubby Checker & Frankie Avalon, might have been similar to Indiana Jones on one of his adventures searching for ANTIQUITIES?  The universe has collapsed! I guess there is no reason to live!!! It was fun while it lasted!  Thanks gang!!! crying


07/29/17 01:21 PM #160    


Dan Brown

I was at the Hendrix concert. I have the hearing aids and tinitus to prove it.  Jane Thomas and I stood at the very front of the stage.

07/30/17 09:38 AM #161    

Sydney Richards (Tanner)

 In 1969, Kathy Lee and I had front row center seats to the Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young concert at the Salt Palace.  Fabulous! More recently when I was visiting Salt Lake, Patti Nielsen Smith's husband Homer treated us for her BDay to 9th row center seats to see Paul McCartney in concert. His band, Wings, took a break, but Paul McCartney never left the stage. He was on for three hours straight!  Amazing. I am currently enjoying Chris Proctor's CD and he is VERY talented and wonderful!  β€οΈπŸŽΆπŸŽΆβ€οΈ

07/30/17 11:37 AM #162    


Gary T. Lomax

Speaking of Jimmy Hendrix.  Check out this new documentary from this years Sundance.  While Jimmy is not mentioned much in the trailer, he has a big roll in the film since he is American Indian.

Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked The World (2017) - IMDb

Others if you haven't seen them:

Muscle Shoals

The Wrecking Crew


07/31/17 10:13 AM #163    

Christopher Swaner

I was very luck that My Uncle Ranch Kimball was a partner at Lagoon with the Freed family. I got free tickets to all of the concerts at Lagoo and the Terrace, In Junior high school, Barry Hansen and I double dated to Sonny and Cher. I went to all of the conerts during those high school years and over the years my Uncle Ranch introduced me to George Shearing, Dave Brubeck and Nat King Cole. In the most recent KUER Program about Lagoon, they tell the story of the Beach Boys and Brian Willson playing my Mother's Steinway after a concert.

In 1968, Steve Hatsis and I, flew down to Southern California for a week or so of bumming around, by ourselves and we attended the Newport Rock Festival and in addition to the bands I saw at Lagoon or the Terrace, we saw Janis Joplin, Canned Heat, Jefferson Airplane, Hendrix and many others.

Of eveyone  I would have liked to seen as a performer, the one person I never got to hear in person was the Late Leonard Cohen.



07/31/17 04:17 PM #164    

Robert Cannon

I also saw Janis Joplin and Hendrix. I loved Janis Joplin. she had a powerful voice. Amazing.


08/01/17 01:33 PM #165    

Robert Cannon

It was also at the Hendrix concert , while standing in line that i had the "what's the smell?" experience.. I thinnk that was part of the Jimi Hendrix Experience.

08/02/17 03:43 PM #166    


Kate Whitney (Neilson)

I've read the posts about concerts at Lagoon and other concerts.  I remember attending two or three summer night 'Beach Boy' concerts at Lagoon - They were the best! - I enjoyed their music and the Beach Boys rich harmonizing.  Many years later I (along with two of our  daughters) was excited to attend a 'Paul Simon' concert at the 'GORGE' in Washinton State - The opening band was Brian Wilson and band. They were so good!  The vocal harmony, drums, bass, riffs on the electric guitar, Brian's piano playing, and songs ( old Beach Boys and new) made the concert.  Mr. Wilson (coming back from working through a hard, long bout of mental illness) and his band made Paul Simson's set a let-down.  I know Hendricks and the other bands would have been a unique experience - but this is the band that brings back great summer concert memories.

08/04/17 10:36 PM #167    

Anne Hansen (Brasher)

Concerts:  hmmmm  I enjoy them BUT, at that stage of my life, the cost of a ticket was over the moon.  But I do remember going over the wall on the patio at Lagoon into a Beach Boy Concert.  I was still in high school then.  I always felt guilty about that.  I did sit through 3 John Davidson concerts at the State Fair one day.   And then went to two years worth of the "Deer Hunter Widows" concerts at the circle theater in Bountiful (that is now a church facility), also John Davidson.  I know, I don't get out much.


08/05/17 12:21 PM #168    

Teri Lambourne (Arnold)

Nostalgia takes us back to when Chip and I saw Gordon Lightfoot's outdoor concert in Park City when  he premiered Old Dan's Records. I think that was the early 70's.  Chip remembers that Leo Kotke played the intro and his guitar had been damaged by the airline so he was using one he had borrowed from a friend in Salt Lake.  He was amazed at how much that guy could do on a guitar.

Jefferson Airplane at the Terrace - that was a "what's that smell!"  The Doors at Lagoon and Beach Boys, too  The Association in Bountiful. Santana - that was a bit strange for me.

We flew to California about 10 years ago for a 35th Anniversary treat to see a Jimmy Buffet concert.  Loved it.

Living in Alaska is a blessing, though there are things I do miss, like being closer to good concerts. In the early 80's we did get to see Three Dog Night rocking out in the little high school gym in Juneau, Alaska. We were all sitting on a small set of bleachers and as we rocked - so did they!  The band had a good time too.  Maybe 75 people in attendance. And when living in Anchorage we had a friend whose brother was a stage hand for Crosby, Stills, and Nash.  They came to town and he surprised us with front row, middle seats at the concert hall. Great time. We named our Old English Sheep Dog "Crosby" the next month. 😍

Thanks everyone for this walk down memory lane !

08/05/17 12:33 PM #169    

Brian Brown

Ann Brasher was describing what I think was the "Valley Music Hall" out in Bountiful-it's now a Stake Center I believe. Went to a 5th Dimension Concert with Ann Wilkinson. It was the first "Theatre in the Round" for me where the STAGE kept turning in a circle!  Definitely interesting!

08/05/17 12:38 PM #170    

Holly Williams (Schelin)

I met Larry Grobstein out there when we both went (with our parents I believe) under a picture during dad, who loved musical theater, had season seats at Valley Music Hall for years...ahh, high school memories!

08/05/17 12:52 PM #171    

Teri Lambourne (Arnold)

And Katie Whitney - thanks for the photos!πŸ˜€

08/05/17 10:02 PM #172    

Sydney Richards (Tanner)

The New Yorker summed up this thread perfectly:

08/08/17 11:00 PM #173    


Kate Whitney (Neilson)

I really enjoyed the above comic of old Rock Bands and how they were 'begat'! 

08/21/17 07:02 PM #174    


Gary T. Lomax

At Pebble Beach Concours last week.  This was the car that the Beach Boys wrote the song about.

SHE'S REAL FINE MY 409!!! 1962 Chevrolet Bel Air Bubble Top.  SOLD $78,000






08/22/17 01:57 PM #175    

Anne Hansen (Brasher)

Oh my gosh!  I could hear the music and sing the song.  I haven't thought about that kind of music for a long time.  Was I ever that young?


09/23/17 04:52 PM #176    


Kate Whitney (Neilson)

'Hey' to all on East's formum - It looks like you're still on mucis groups you were able to see when you were young adults. Do any of you remember 'home' bands that use to battle it out in SLC at the 'Balle of the Bands' I can't remember the place they were held at -but I do remember being there to support my brothers band and other bands I whom know the some of the musicians.  It was great fun -  I remember Lyn or Dan Brown playing ( or am I dreaming - old age you know)

The above news photo I believe is my brother's (Jim Whitney) 1st band - I latter years he formed a band with bishops and conselors in his stake (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints)  I was an occational 'singer in a band'  Well did you or were you in a band?

09/24/17 11:00 PM #177    


Dan Brown

I was never in a band but my brother Lynn was.  He was friends with your brother. 

The local bands I remember were Holden Caulfield, Wishful Thinking and Smoke Blues Band which became Rocks and Gravel Blues Band..

09/25/17 01:33 PM #178    


Kate Whitney (Neilson)

Thanks Dan, I remember those bands too.  Do you remember the place that people could go to hear and dance to local bands? I think it was an old watermill building - One felt like they were listening to 'big time' bands.

Was this the place?

09/25/17 11:13 PM #179    


Willy Revada Allen

 Its Good The Old Milll could not talk.


09/26/17 06:24 PM #180    

Robert Cannon

Willy, have you ever thought about writing a book about your successes. What you have accomplished in sound design is quite amazing.

10/18/17 11:39 AM #181    

Renee Lefevre (Hunter)

This is a different kinda concert, but did anyone go to see Rene Fleming for the Utah Symphony opening season concert? Not nostalgic, but spectacular! 

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