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12/12/17 03:53 PM #202    


Jim Olsen

East & Herbert Ave, I was knocked to the ground by a female member of the Class of '68, who lived in my ward, with her METAL lunchbox! Almost lost consciousness! The price I paid for being "Jeff's little brother!

12/12/17 04:03 PM #203    


Jim Olsen

NEVER intended to upset or offend ANYONE! I was referring to cantaloupes and honeydews, NOT the female breast!!!!!

12/12/17 04:18 PM #204    

Michael Markham

You are right Paulette, But not always what is taught at home is  practiced outside the home.  

12/12/17 10:26 PM #205    

Michael Markham

I’m not condoning any of the actions brought up by Kate, I think all those actions are deplorable. I just think a lot of men need to look in the mirror, and maybe some lady’s 

12/14/17 05:50 PM #206    


Dan Brown

I encourage anyone who has ever been the target of my unwanted sexual attention to come forward.

I also encourage anyone who wants to be a target of my sexual attention to come forward.


Borrowed from the IowaHawk

12/14/17 11:24 PM #207    

Paulette Butler (Lewis)

Michael Markham, YOU & Arthur Trujillo were ALWAYS nice young men around me and the other girls. Maybe you were just afraid of my Momma, Mrs. B! No, seriously I’m glad we knew each other back then. Lots of fond memories from SLC. 




12/14/17 11:28 PM #208    

Paulette Butler (Lewis)

Jim Olson, it’s probably the Same “ B——“ that through me down the north steps inside the halls! My poor tailbone and puny body couldn’t defend her bullying in those hallways. Lol

12/15/17 10:14 AM #209    

Barry Hansen

Well Dan,
I was going to give you a pass on this,however, since you brought up the subject. All those unsolicited pats on my nicely fitting uniform pant while I was bending over the pigskin.... not at all appropriate or appreciated you animal.

12/15/17 06:43 PM #210    


Dan Brown

Kate, you are tarring with a very broad brush.  To make the leap from inapropriate adolescent behavior (of which I am guilty)  to child abuse is too far of a leap. 

12/15/17 09:06 PM #211    

Michael Markham

I have to agree with Dan, The brush got way to broad

12/15/17 10:17 PM #212    

Ann E. Lee (Lee)

Bless you Kate:  I have to support you.  I have read these posts from our white, male, privileged classmates and they reek of the same attitudes that lead to condoning sexual harrassment and abuse.  Gentlemen, your misogny is so blatant.  Joking about melon grabbing is no different than bragging about "grabbing p*ssy."  It is not locker room banter or just kidding: it is pepetuating the objectification of humans including women, children or any other person you wish to feel power over.  May I please request you stop this discussion thread unless you take the time to look at yourselves from the view of others.  

12/16/17 08:25 AM #213    

Ron Poulton

All I want for Christmas is a soapbox.

12/16/17 09:19 AM #214    


Dan Brown

I say we return the forum to innocuous platitudes. Maybe a little gentle mirth and harmless joshing, but no further. Perhaps we could have a rousing debate on the use of the Oxford comma.

12/16/17 10:36 AM #215    

Reed Madsen

DO NOT mix eggnog with 100 proof whiskey.

12/16/17 12:08 PM #216    

Michael Markham

On a lighter note,  How does everyone feel about the direction of our country, and all the people taking us there?

12/16/17 05:58 PM #217    

Holly Williams (Schelin)

I say, Happy Holidays and live and let live....yes there are serious things happening in the country and the world, but can’t we just have fun with each other and produce a good laugh?  Don’t take things so seriously people if they weren’t meant to be...this forum is not the place to vent your spleen...there are plenty of people in your lives who would be happy to debate you if you want a debate...I love to see that 50 years later Dan, Barry and others can still mKe me laugh!!!😜

12/17/17 09:44 AM #218    


Gary T. Lomax

THANK YOU REED!  After starting to read these lastest posts, which started me down my adolescent memory lane to review all my, with the forums help and education,  totally inappropriate behaviors, out came the eggnog and 100 proff Whisky!  Thankfully came your post and I put the eggnog right back in the fridge!  After the thrid Whiskey got busy on Dan's Oxford comma project.

Now headed out the door for the airport bound for a cruise out of Rome for my beautiful wife of 30 years 58th birthday on December 24.

12/18/17 11:52 AM #219    

Christopher Swaner

To be older and wise, one had to be at a certain stage in their life, young and foolish. I am not sure it is either a good idea or fair to oneself to judge what you may have done or thought 50 years ago, with what you are or aspire to be today.

12/18/17 01:44 PM #220    


Dan Beck

I believe you are correct Crit.  No matter who you are or what you may become you are a process of change.  I may be embarrassed by some things I have done, I don't run away from that embarassment, but I really don't believe those actions define me or who I am today.  Hopefully that makes sense

12/18/17 01:49 PM #221    

Craig Dent



I have latent carpentry skills, I can build and send you a Soapbox!


12/18/17 03:58 PM #222    

Elizabeth Baker

The 60's were crazy times, and wouldnt have missed them for the world ! 

Hopefully we have all changed and grown over the years. 

That being said, lets get back to whiskey !  Gotta say my very favorite is "High West Double Rye"  It  is over the top delicious ! 

Happy Holidays from sunny Arizona

12/18/17 10:06 PM #223    


Dan Brown

There are few things I regret, but the one thing I most regret  are bell bottoms.

12/18/17 10:43 PM #224    

Holly Williams (Schelin)

As well you should Dan!!😜

02/25/18 03:01 PM #225    


Jim Olsen

Hey, gang... the penultimate Olympic event will take place very soon. I will bring honor to EHS because I have perfected the quad salChow, and will integrate it into the quad LUTZ, in the quad CLUTZ! Face down on a Zamboni'd slab of ICE half the size of a 🏈 field...

05/24/18 09:42 PM #226    


Jim Olsen

Setting my tray down @ a Taco Bell a couple weeks ago when some idiot punk kid came through the front door firing a .38 caliber pistol. Bullet hole is still in the wall above where I was sitting. Take ur cell phones with U ALWAYS, & be careful out there!

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