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05/29/18 12:41 PM #239    

Michael Markham

Thank you Kate, I support you one hundred percent, The Donald is nothing more than a bully, and an imbarisment . I don’t under stand why the a same weapon are available to the public that I carried in Viet Nam. I don’t really have much of a problem with other weapons 


05/29/18 04:20 PM #240    

Teri Lambourne (Arnold)

You Go Katie!   And thanks Bob. 

05/30/18 12:01 AM #241    


Dan Brown

I dunno Kate.  I live in Texas and I feel much safer knowing that my neighbors are armed and would come to my defense if I was ever threatened. I believe an armed society is a polite society. As far as violence and  access to powerful weapons goes, there are far fewer gun related crimes today than there were 20 years ago. There is a problem of angry, anti social young men committing or trying to commit mass murder in places where people cannot defend themselves though. It has happened here in Texas but it has been a civilian with a gun who has stopped many of these incidences. This is a mental health problem, not a gun problem.  As far as Trump goes, I would be careful what you say and how you say it. It was the arrogance of progressives demeaning  those that don't agree with them that got him elected. If you don't want to see that happen again be civil in your discourse.  

05/30/18 07:06 AM #242    


Vernon Fragnito

Wonder how many Republican Utahans will vote for that carpetbagger Romney in the primary. Of course, Hatch was a carpetbagger, too; but that was in an age of the low-information voter. 

05/30/18 08:08 AM #243    


Peggy Scott (Youngs)

Oh, Mr. Olson,

Look what you started.....  Did anyone see that gorgeous full moon last night?  It's beautiful to watch rising over my mountains in SW Colorado.

Cheers all,

Peggy Scott

05/30/18 08:59 AM #244    

Ron Poulton

I traded all my guns years ago for a spell-checker; it was the smart decision for me.

Bob, I agree with the observation of sage Senator Lindsey Graham—“we are at war.”  And when you go to war, as everyone knows, it is best to go unarmed. 

Kate, I did not read Terry’s comment as referring to your physical appearance.  I read teasing, but not insult or malice--nothing that need offend.  When I look at your photo I see a happy and vibrant woman; and I take comfort to know you are not carrying a gun.

As for MItt Romney, he isn't old enough to be a true carpetbagger.  In fact, he might actually be entitled to be the next senator from Utah, after all he single-handedly froze the ice and brought the snow that saved the 2002 Olympic Games and I've heard, he did so while turning a profit for the Games. 

05/30/18 12:12 PM #245    


Gary T. Lomax

Children, Children, Children.  I'm surprised that the knowledge of the fact that when people are of a certian age you have two chances to change their minds on politics or religion.  Slim and none.  Too much time with idel thoughts.

For Cheryl and I, we are going to get out of the heat of South Texas for the summer on a long cruise.  As far as getting out of the heat, we may have signed up for more than we bargain for with these destinations.

05/30/18 01:47 PM #246    


Dan Brown

This looks like a very cool trip, Gary.  And it is at the right time of year.   My wife and I are going to Malta in the fall.  

At our age I suggest taking Penn Gillettes advice

"I am smart enough to realize that I do not know what is best for you"  

05/30/18 05:25 PM #247    


Dave Seiler

I would like to respond to Peggy....the moon was wonderful coming up over the Wasatch Mountains here as

well.  It really is nice to reflect on something simply beautiful.

06/01/18 12:48 PM #248    


Dan Beck

I think we all know damn well, no one in this forum will change your mind.  We have all had too many life experiences to let go of our personal beliefs.  When it comes to bullying, many of you remember that I was tripped in the Bryant Junior High Boys Shower as a joke.  I ended up out of school for six weeks and because of the crud on the floor, when the back of my head crushed, I got an infection that led to rheumatic fever.    It is probably good that we aren't in the same room or we would be shouting over each other if not being shouted down.   I may not agree with much of what others say but I do accept everyone and believe that they have a right to their own beliefs, I have been this way since I was a kid.  I don't allow others to change me or my beliefs but I can and have changed many of them by my life's experiences.  So ....     Looking at Gary's trip, I spent two years in Canada doing geophysical research and was all along the Atlantic coast from the PEI north.  Even summer up there is chilly.   I hope you all have wonderful summers and just remember you aren't going to change people our age without a hammer and pry bar.





06/01/18 05:54 PM #249    

Jacqueline Williams (Lloyd)

I usually don't respond to these posts - just read them and laugh, say oh Wow, and some times cry - but with what is being said now - i feel the need to say something - We can all agree to disagree - and still love one another - I know a healthy discussion is good for the soul and it helps sometimes to vent - but some of you it seems are getting carried away and letting you feelings rule. With age comes wisdom, and a better understanding of people - I know I've grown in the almost 50 years that I left East - and I have learned alot  since then - 

My love to all and I hope to see each and everyone of you at out 50th!!!!

Jackie Lloyd

Detroit, MI


07/21/18 09:10 PM #250    


Kate Whitney (Neilson)

Just a reminder -  PIONEER DAY is coming.  I hope you 'all' are interested in writing in your life story about those who are related to you and what they went through coming to the Salt Lake Valley or crossing the Oregon Trial or even rushing off to the California Gold Rush/Alaskan Gold Rush.  Just thought I  give you ways to carry on your family heritage.

07/21/18 10:49 PM #251    


Debi Carver (Brooks)


Today was my Pioneer Families Reunion celebrated in Nephi Utah.

And  Nephi was then known as Salt Creek

This is where Brigham Young sent John Borrowman and his wife and child along with 13 other Families, to build a Fort known as Fort Wall.

John is my 2x Great Grandfather.who was also a Member of the Mormon Battalion he was also in Nauvoo and knew Joseph Smith.

So myself and children spent the afternoon at the 2 Cemeteries there looking for  Family and admiring some of the Very Old headstones and wondering why some of them have been left broken and worn down



07/22/18 01:48 AM #252    

Juliene Brewer (Killoran)

I am a Daughter of Utah Pioneers - not the organization but I am a descendant of some whose pictures hang in the museum, including the first Mormon Bishop of Union Fort (Fort Union), Silas Richards! Bishop Richards was married by Brigham Young to Keziah Francis Brady. Keziah was the daughter of Lindsay Anderson Brady, a polygamist! Lindsay Anderson Brady’s sons have a picture hanging in the museum as do his daughters. I am related to two of the daughters and Lindsay Anderson Brady, Jr. who were all born of the same wife, Elizabeth Ann Hendrickson. My paternal great grandparents were first or second cousins to one another (I forgot which)! My parents are 5th or so cousins! It’s very interesting to me - my genealogy! 

07/22/18 01:48 PM #253    


Dan Brown

I will be celebrating Pioneer Days by having my hair styled in the fashion of my namesake




07/23/18 08:28 AM #254    


Peggy Scott (Youngs)


Send us all a picture of your new hairdo!

07/23/18 08:49 AM #255    


Dan Brown

The dual man buns are what make this hair style work.

07/23/18 02:13 PM #256    

Julie Johnson (Memmott)

oh i do miss you and your humor!

07/24/18 01:55 AM #257    


Patricia Rogers (Broadwell)

Dan, Princess Laila would be jealous... Don't you think ? Pat R. Broadwell



07/24/18 01:52 PM #258    

Anne Hansen (Brasher)

I'm impressed that you have that awesome picture of your namesake ancestor!  Its so fun for me to hear about old friends.  I have a smile on my face.  Reunions, this messages, remind me not to take everything so seriously.  I was young and so "stupid"  But it was a blast.  And still is.


07/24/18 10:21 PM #259    

Jackie Grant (Hyland)

My 2X great grandfather was Jedediah Morgan Grant. He was in the 1st Presidency with Brigham Young and Heber C Kimball. He was the 1st Mayor of SLC and the father of Heber J Grant. His was a marvelous legacy and was only one of many Pioneer ancestors of mine!! Jackie Grant Hyland

08/06/18 10:54 PM #260    

Don Malouf

Old friend, and our classmate, Richard Wong surprised me with this portrait of myself.  I’m truly honored. He even included my auto restoration project in the background.  Richard’s still as nice, quiet, funny, and talented as ever.  A true quality person!


08/07/18 10:15 AM #261    

Julie Allred

Absolutely beautiful!  

08/07/18 04:37 PM #262    

Annie (Annette) Thornburg (Oakes)

That is fantastic!

08/07/18 07:44 PM #263    

Verdo Thomas

He’s a great artist. 

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