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09/27/18 11:55 PM #303    

Brian Brown


Steve Lindgren was right: Coaches Iman Hale, FUDD, Ted Weight and Grant Martin inheirted a great team!

Eric Orem wasn't playing because of a wrist injury. I wasn't on this team because I weighed over 160!

Look for the other guys who are not playing: Gary Lomax and Fred Grobstein were also TOO BIG to play.

Coach Gay or Gaylen had Orem and I walking the sidelines with a clipboard recording the plays ie Fullback off right Guard, pass to the left end, etc.

They didn't kick Field Goals or point after TD so DAN BROWN actually got to carry the ball for a 1 POINTER!


Bob Rust thank you for posting this photo and identifying MOST in this ROGUES GALLERY. 

Brian "BROOM" B



10/01/18 09:59 AM #304    


Bob Rust

This one is tougher.

10/01/18 10:11 AM #305    


Bob Rust

Top Row (5th) - Mr. Leddy?

Fourth Row - Web Adams, Brian Moffet, Bob Cannon, Mark Stephens,

Middle Row - Bob Rust, Mike? Leddy,

2nd Row - Bob Palmer John Strasser, ??? Clark, Bill Mavor

Bottom Row - Doug Gill, Evan Maw, ??? Richardson

10/02/18 05:05 PM #306    

Bob Johnson

Top row: coach Chuck Cook, asst. coach Cliff Lloyd

10/02/18 05:09 PM #307    

Bob Johnson

Top row includes Paul Rich, Bob Johnson

10/02/18 11:49 PM #308    

Brian Brown


Brian BBrian B


What year do you think this photo was fromThat sure looks like Dave Buchman on the top row, just to the right of  Bobby Cannon.

What year do you this photo is from? '63...''64...'65?



10/03/18 04:27 PM #309    

Bob Johnson

It was '65 we were in the eight grade. Dave Buchman played junior that year. I remember how hard Brent Russon, Dave B.and I worked so hard to lose weight before the weigh-in to qualify for this bantam team. I think Mike Stevens is on the top row. In that picture is Brent Beament who ended up passing away in his senior year at school. It bothers me still as coach Lloyd had Brent and me do one on one head butts. That was one of the reasons I didn't play after that year.Sad.

10/04/18 11:38 AM #310    


Bob Rust

This is where we are with our best guesses on the Muni Bantams.  Question marks represent unnamed people.

1964 Municipal Bantams

Top Row 5

   Chuck Cook, Cliff Lloyd

Row 4

   Web Adams, Brian Moffat, ?, Bob Cannon, Dave Buckman, ?, Mark Stephens, Paul Rich, ?, ?, ?.

Row 3

   Bob Rust, ?,  Mike Lloyd, ?, ?, ?, ?, Reed Madsen, Dave Rapp, ?, ?.  

Row 2

   ?, ?, ?, ? ?, Bob Palmer, Bill Clark, John Strasser, ?,?,? Clark, Bill Mavor

Bottom Row 1

   ?, ?, ?, ?, Doug Gill, Evan Maw, Mark Milburn, Richardson 

Where is Brent Russon and Brent Beament

Bob Johnson is on the top row somewhere

10/05/18 09:58 AM #311    


Reed Madsen

Hi Bob, I was on one of those teams for a short time. Failing grades and getting beat up everytime Ray Petersen came through the line at practice was too much to endure.

Next to Rapp is Randy Outzsen??sp




10/05/18 03:43 PM #312    

Bob Johnson

It was actually '64 in the school year of '64/65.

10/05/18 04:59 PM #313    


Bob Rust

Bob Johnson,  Where are you, Brent Russen & Brent Beament?

10/06/18 10:07 AM #314    


Bob Rust

Dave Rapp filled in a some blanks but we still have 12 unnamed.  Another question: what was Kiwanis?  The team name? League name?

1964 Municipal Bantams

Top Row 5

   Chuck Cook, Cliff Lloyd

Row 4

Web Adams, Brian Moffat, ?, Bob Cannon, Dave Buckman, ?, Mark Stephens, Paul Rich, Tom Clauson, Paul Taggert, maybe Mike Hale.

Row 3

   Bob Rust, ?,  Mike Lloyd, ?, ?, ?,Dave Evans, Reed Madsen, Dave Rapp, Randy Outzen, Homer Warner. 

Row 2

   Kevin Reno, ?, Greg Bemett, ? ?, Bob Palmer, Bill Clark, John Strasser, Bill Mavor

Bottom Row 1

   Harold, ?, ?, ?, Doug Gill, Evan Maw, Mark Milburn,  Randy Richardson 

10/06/18 01:23 PM #315    


Holly Williams (Schelin)

I think the Kiwanis Club must have been a sponsor.  My father was a long time member of the Kiwanis Club as Vice President of ZCMI

10/25/18 12:34 AM #316    

Juliene Brewer (Killoran)

James Edward Horsley Obituary
James E. Horsley
1951 ~ 2018
James "Jim" Edward Horsley passed away peacefully on Oct 13, 2018 surrounded by his loved ones. Jim was born March 26, 1951 to Rulon "Ed" and Margaret Horsley and attended East High School and the University of Utah. He was an avid outdoorsman and a multi-talented athlete. Jim is survived by his four children; Bridget (Richard), James (Destani), Jesse (Casey) , and Julian (Shannon); 3 siblings; and 8 grandchildren.
A viewing will be held Thu, Oct 18 from 6-8pm with funeral services Fri, Oct 19 at 11am both at Larkin Sunset Lawn, 2350 E. 1300 S. SLC. For more information on Jim's life please visit

Published in Salt Lake Tribune on Oct. 17, 2018



10/25/18 12:38 AM #317    

Juliene Brewer (Killoran)

Did Simon Gittins play football? Wondered if I saw him between Bob Palmer and Doug Gill in one photo! Great fun to see those pictures that are surely treasured!!

Hi Duff!

10/25/18 12:19 PM #318    


Bob Rust

Dennis Smith is between Bob Palmer and Doug Gill.

10/25/18 04:12 PM #319    

Steve Snyder

I prefer to remember Jimmy like this. My we were handsome young men. Couldn't seem to find a barbershop though.

10/25/18 04:28 PM #320    


Holly Williams (Schelin)

That is EXACTLY how I remember you both!  Such great memories on this message board lately... thanks for sharing Snyder!

10/26/18 01:24 AM #321    

Juliene Brewer (Killoran)

Thanks much Bob! Don’t recall Dennis!! Looks handsome like Simon!! Miss those we have lost!! 😢

10/26/18 12:52 PM #322    

Robert Cannon

I went to Jimmy's viewing and funeral. Attendance was sparse so I spent time with his children talking about their lives with him as a father. I also spoke with his siblings at length about his life after college. At the funeral, some poetry was read, and at the burial site people randomly spoke of him. Their interractions were based on his later years when he struggled with alcohol abuse. Nobody knew him from Jr. High or high school except Wolfie Lewis and me. His children knew of his love of reading, but, not his early personality. I didn't know him in his last 35 years, except, for his problems, through word of mouth. As everyone spoke, I was frustrated and saddened that no one knew his serious or youthful life. As the microphone was passed through his family, I reluctantly, spoke for a few moments. I mentioned, how, the first time I saw him, when he moved to our neighborhood, he was reading a book on his way from school. He loved to read. They mentioned his large library at his house. I told about how he didn't make the little league basketball team. Instead of pouting, he worked so hard and in two years, he was starting on the JV team while the rest of us were on the sophmore  team. He worked hard to be great. The boys did know his favorite basketball player, Jerry West. I was happy he shared his love of basketball with them. They said he had two posters, Jerry West and Elgin Baylor. Cathy, his sister, told me that over the last three weeks, while in hospice, he just wanted to hold her hand. A sad ending to the great guy with whom I walked and talked, each day, on our way to East high school. 

10/26/18 03:01 PM #323    

Catherine Wheelwright (Ockey)

I'm sorry to hear about Jim, but appreciate knowing. I too remember when he moved into the neighborhood. I was such a shy introvert, but also an avid reader, so we had that in common. Jim was always kind to me and easy to talk with. I didn't know him as an adult, as is the case with most of you, since I have spent most of my life outside of Utah, but I do appreciate the updates and the birthday wishes that so many of you send each year. /Catherine

10/26/18 08:22 PM #324    

Pam Wootton

Newspaper article about Jim Horsley, basketball season 1969.  Such a nice, classy guy. Gifted athlete. RIP Jim. 

11/01/18 03:39 PM #325    

Julie Johnson (Memmott)

hi bob,

since i couldn't stay, i went to jim's funeral early to say hello to his sister, kathy. i'm sorry that i missed you but am so glad that you spoke of how great jim was and the good old days. i did run into him over the years and things had changed for him but he still had his cute smile. i know for sure that i wasn't the only girl that had a crush on him...wish things could have been better for him.

12/07/18 07:35 PM #326    


Kate Whitney (Neilson)

Just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas - May you be blessed with a peaceful heart and a willingness to draw closer to our Eternal Father and his son, Jesus Christ.  It's important!

12/08/18 12:28 PM #327    


Karen Smith (Chatterton)

To add to your festivities, and in an effort to remember why we give gifts.... I invite you to attend "the Gift of the Magi,"  presented by the Sugar Factory Playhouse.  It is performed at the Midvale Performing Arts Center located at 7800 South 695 West.  It plays through December 17 (excluding Sundays, Tues. and Wed.).

Although I have retired from my work as an elementary school principal, I have been busy in the working in various community theatres.  I have had the privilege of directing the play and working with some very talented and accomplished actors.  The cost is family friendly at $8.00 and $5.00 for kids and seniors.  The time you spend watching the play will be more than worth your while.

Here is the link to the review of the show.


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