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10/28/17 02:28 PM #183    

Debi Carver (Brooks)


Prayers for His Family

Memories Too

RIP Rennie



10/30/17 11:37 AM #184    

Dan Beck

If someone has the list, Crit Swaner, of who played at the Patio Gardens and Terrace Ballroom.  I remember seeing Santana and Janis Joplin, but to the life of me I don't remember who the headliners were for either of those concerts and I am pretty certain that when they played in SLC they weren't the primary draw.

10/30/17 10:50 PM #185    


Willy Revada Allen

Where is Freed?????????????????.

Lagoon open up our mines and world.

We should all be on our knees Bowing down to the whole  FREED Family.



10/31/17 11:06 AM #186    

Elizabeth Baker

Howard Freed is alive and well; he is a wonderful cook, a delightful person to hang out with, and in general "one of the good guys"  Always enjoy socializing with him when visiting slc.

Betsy Baker

10/31/17 12:56 PM #187    

Marv Curtis

Wasn't Janis Joplin the opening act for the Doors at Lagoon?

11/01/17 11:19 AM #188    


Willy Revada Allen

No Janis Joplin was all by herself with Big Brother and the Holding Company.


I know because I was standing behind her when she was on stage with her bottle of Southern Comfort and tea.


11/01/17 06:12 PM #189    

Dan Beck

I remember seeing Janis at the Terrace Ballroom and I remember seeing the Doors at the Patio Gardens but for the life of me I don't remember who opened for Janis.  I think the Blues Magoos opened for the Doors but I really don't remember.  And we know that there was no act, including the Moody Blues, that played without an opening act, even if it was a local band or up and coming act like it was when Santana played the Terrace the first time opening for, I think, Jefferson Airplane.

11/01/17 08:49 PM #190    


Kate Whitney (Neilson)

This would have been a grand concert to have gone to!

11/01/17 09:34 PM #191    


Kate Whitney (Neilson)

As I was posting my comments about Big Brother and holding Company - the song  'Just walk away Renee' came on- this song always reimnds me of Pete's the diner across the street from East!  So many good tune came from the 60"s!  I was listening to Linda Ronstat's version which I enjoy.

11/06/17 07:19 PM #192    

Robert Cannon

Willy do you remember she came out in a gold sequined mini skirt and her voice crazy good. A great evening.

11/06/17 07:19 PM #193    

Robert Cannon

Willy do you remember she came out in a gold sequined mini skirt and her voice crazy good. A great evening.

11/21/17 12:53 AM #194    

Ann Enger (Lee)

It's probably not well known, but my brother, George Enger (EHS 1965) was the one to bring Big Brother to the Terrace.  He and a business partner had tried to open the first "psychedelic" night club called "The Wherehouse" on the Cottonwood Diagonal in 1967 or 1968.  Needless to say, the local government blocked it resulting in big attorney's fees.  He brought in Janis et al to pay off the money he owed.  According to him, they did not have an opening band.

12/09/17 04:43 PM #195    


Kate Whitney (Neilson)

Merry Christmas     to all 1969 classmates of East High school.  May you recognise all the blessing you have received this year and the years to come.

12/09/17 05:28 PM #196    

Debi Carver (Brooks)

And a Very Merry Christmas to You and Yours 

Love You Kate 


12/11/17 08:27 PM #197    


Jim Olsen

So, are we to believe that Chef Mario Batali is the latest luminary to fall prey to the pandemic sexual harrassment virus??? Let's perform a scintilla of analysis here: he's filthy rich, owns several restaurants, has a successful television show, and he can't (or WON'T!) keep his nasty hands under control??? What was he guilty of?...groping the melons in the Produce Dept??? Lawd, gimme strength!!!

12/12/17 11:37 AM #198    

Michael Markham

Lets talk, How many guys didn't go for a boob if they had a chance. 

12/12/17 01:39 PM #199    

Mary Jean Turley (Lyons)

Umm, just cause guys might go for a boob whenever doesn't make it right. How about females start going for male crotches whenever.

12/12/17 01:54 PM #200    

Michael Markham

Never said it was right. It was and is not right.

12/12/17 02:57 PM #201    

Paulette Butler (Lewis)

It all starts at home, mostly, about how you were raised. Just my beliefs. But testosterone is prevalent during adolescence years, and then some. As is female harmonies. It’s ALL a control and moral issue. 

12/12/17 03:34 PM #202    


Jim Olsen

Umm, ladies and gents, my comments were NOT intended to shift attention from the idiots running No. Korea and ICBMs, to ANYwhere else! I feel about the same about sexual harrassment as I do about bullying. There is NEVER a place for either one, anywhere, EVER! And I should know: standing at the bus stop on19th

12/12/17 03:53 PM #203    


Jim Olsen

East & Herbert Ave, I was knocked to the ground by a female member of the Class of '68, who lived in my ward, with her METAL lunchbox! Almost lost consciousness! The price I paid for being "Jeff's little brother!

12/12/17 04:03 PM #204    


Jim Olsen

NEVER intended to upset or offend ANYONE! I was referring to cantaloupes and honeydews, NOT the female breast!!!!!

12/12/17 04:18 PM #205    

Michael Markham

You are right Paulette, But not always what is taught at home is  practiced outside the home.  

12/12/17 08:18 PM #206    


Kate Whitney (Neilson)

Didn't want to bring the holiday spirit down, but do you think you are a man thinking about taking the innocence from a young girl, or place your hands on a woman when not given the permission, or liking the power some feel being a crude-rude-unholy miscreant? How do men feel when a women comes on too strong? How do you men feel when a same-sex person rapes you or wants to engage sexually with you?  I have known sexually abused young girls, women, and yes young boys who have been raped or pressured to engage with same-sex persons.  It takes a long time to heal - you should not make light of the horrible tradgies that have befallen many, many people.  I am so sorry for those who have had this abuse put upon them!

12/12/17 10:26 PM #207    

Michael Markham

I’m not condoning any of the actions brought up by Kate, I think all those actions are deplorable. I just think a lot of men need to look in the mirror, and maybe some lady’s 

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