Haiku, Limericks, and Songs


From Jim McCullough


  • Fifty years later
  • Prostate examination
  • A total bummer

From Dave Seiler

Reunion Time - the the music of "Leavin' On A Jet Plane https://youtu.be/W85fKIwj1pE

Until We're Gone - to the music of "In My Life"   https://youtu.be/VBj9Gib_dOQ

From Kate Whitney Neilson

  • It flew from the East.
  • Not knowing who to summons. 
  • It followed the wind - and found you and me ready.
  • Oh, do tell what the day will bring.
  • Will it be greatness or the softness when all the birds sing?
  • Oh, woman what do you mean?
  • I fear we need less greatness and more truth foreseen.
  • Then let us all be a part of the reason, 
  • Of standing up strong and right for all seasons.

From Susan Stevens Kaelin:

I won't be able to attend the reunion dinner on September 5, but I've been thinking so much about our 50th. We graduated from East High, men walked on the moon, Woodstock happened! I was also thinking about Lorraine Bowman being killed in the auto accident that summer and how the A Cappella choir sang at her funeral. No one conducted us. We just all sang together. Anyway, I have a Haiku entry. It's a Haiku set. Here goes:

Leopard Seasons

  • Autumn in my mind,
  • October's brown leaves rustle.
  • Names no longer come.
  • Then summer's warm smile,
  • Your head turns just so, and I
  • Am back fifty years.
  • Gray hair golden now,
  • Furrows melt away. I see
  • Your spring heart still. 

From Kate Whitney Nielsen:

EASH HIGH LEOPARD SONG  Paraphrased for 50th Reunion

L- is LEADERS who will help the less fortunate 

E - is the ENERGY we give to others   

O - is OPPORTUNITIES to help our 'brothers'     

 P - is the POWER to work through all our struggles

 A - is ACHIEVEMENTS gained through hard work     

 R - is to eradicate all RACISM and hate in our country

 - is to DISCOVERY how much you're WORTH is     

 S - is STRENGTH to stand for what is right

From Dan Brown: (with help from Peggy Scott Youngs, Holly Williams Schelin and Marv Curtis)

  • There once was a lad from east High
  • Whose language skills wanted to ply
  • With girls he’d speak French
  • While they sat on a bench
  • With boys he’d just nod and say “hi"

From John Adamson:

Here’s my haiku. I turned this in to Miss Lewis, Week 1  Sophomore English. Couldn’t come up with a thing, tapping my pen on the end table in our living room next to this little piece of driftwood my dad brought back from Korea and suddenly—voila! 

  • Once this drifted wood
  • Left an ancient Asian shore
  • Now it collects dust.